Wax Stripper

Wax Stripper is a cleaning agent for removing wax and sealing residues on the surface of the stone, based on efficient solvents, surfactants and special additives. Wax Stripper can be used for removing the stain residue created by oil, grease, tar and stains on all natural and cast stones. The product is biodegradable and free from chlorinated hydrocarbons.


Technical Data Sheets


 Characteristics & Properties


▶ Exellent cleaning effect
▶ Removing wax and residues of tar, grease, adhesive, paints 
   as well
▶ Transparent and easy to use.




▶ Storage temperature : between 41(5℃) and 86(30℃)
   Must be applied to material at temperature between 

   41(5℃) and 86(30℃).


Field of Use


▶ Marble, granite, slate, terracotta, ceramic tiles, etc.




▶ 12 tins of 1.05 qt (1L), 4 tins of 1.06 gal (4L)


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