Stone Cleaner


Technical Data Sheets


 Characteristics & Properties


▶ Multiple cleaners.
▶ Stubborn stain removal, detergents, water-based
polishing wax removal.
▶ Basic cleaner for acid-sensitive stones without damage.
▶ Highly concentrated.
▶ Highly biodegradable.




▶ Storage temperature : between 41 (5℃) and 86 (30℃)
   Must be applied to material at temperature between
   41(5℃) and 86(30℃).


Field of Use


▶ Marble, granite, artificial stone, porcelain and tiles, 
   concrete and brick.




12 bottles of 1.05 qt (1L), 4 bottles of 1.06 gal (4L)


Stone Cleaner

Neutral Cleaner

Neutral Cleaner
(Low Foam)

Rust Remover(Acid)


Rust Remover(Neutral)

Rust Remover(Gel)

Powerful Acid Cleaner

Limescale Remover


Grease Remover

Wax Stripper

Adhesive Residue Remover

Sealant Stain Remover


Stain  Remover Poultice

Poultice Powder