Sealant Stain Remover

ConfiAd® Sealant Stain Remover is a solvent based cleaner removing uncured sealant, unreacted oil (oil residue, plasticizer), and sealant remains.
The product is also effective for removing dirt residues.

Sealant Stain Remover


Technical Data Sheets


   102~204 ft2/qt (10~20 m²/L)

   1.05qt (1L) X 12 Cans in 1 Box

Features & Advantages


▶ Good sealant stain removing effect
▶ Easy to apply

▶ Fast drying


Field of Use


▶ Marble, limestone, granite, and other natural stones.


How to Use


1. Remove a cured sealant with a spatula or a stiff brush.

2. Apply the product with a clean cloth.

    Always use a clean cloth to avoid contamination of the surface.

3. Always wipe in one direction.

4. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

5. After cleaning the surface, dry sufficiently.

    ※ Before applying to the entire surface, test on a small area.




▶ Storage temperature : 41~86 (5~30℃)
▶ Application temperature : 41~86 (5~30℃)



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