Rust Remover(Gel)

Rust Remover (Gel) is a gel product, especially formulated for the removal of rust stains from the stone materials such as marbles, granites, calcareous stones, slate, terracotta and ceramics. It does not contain acids and therefore, it can be used on polished marbles, without ruining the shine. Rust Remover (Gel) acts very quickly


Technical Data Sheets


 Characteristics & Properties


▶ Rust remover for acid-sensitive stone surfaces.
▶ Removes rust stains from surfaces in as less than

  10 minutes.
▶ Safe & Easy to use.




▶ Storage temperature : between 41(5℃) and 86(30℃)
   Must be applied to material at temperature between

   41℉(5℃) and 86(30℃)


Field of Use


▶ Marbles, granites, calcareous stones, slate, terracotta and 




▶ 12 bottles of 1.05 qt (1L), 4 bottles of 1.06 gal (4L)


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