Self Polisher

Self Polisher is a quick drying stone polishing agent that forms a film on the surface of the stone based on polymeric resins. Self Polisher has good wetting and self-leveling properties resulting in excellent shine.


Technical Data Sheets


 Characteristics & Properties


▶ High gloss without buffing
▶ Can be used floor corner,curved edges as well.
▶ Good wetting and self-levelling properties on the stone 
▶ Rapid drying and reducing the working time
▶ Very fast and easy to use.




▶ Storage temperature : between 41(5℃) and 86(30℃)
   Must be applied to material at temperature between

   41(5℃) and 86(30℃)


Field of Use


▶ Marble, granite, terracotta etc.




▶ 12 tins of 1.05 qt. (1L)




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