Marble Polishing Compound

ConfiAd® Marble Polishing Compound is a specially formulated polishing paste to polish marble, travertine, and other calcium containing stones (terrazzo).
The product is suitable for restoring the shine of the worn stone surfaces.

Marble Polishing Compound


Technical Data Sheets


   146~195 ft2/lb (30~40 m²/kg)

   2.2 lb (1kg) X 5 Buckets in 1 Box

   11 lb (5kg) Bucket

Features & Advantages


▶ Restores original luster of polished stones
▶ Provides initial water and stain resistance

▶ Fast & Effective

▶ Easy to use


Field of Use


▶ Marble, travertine, and other calcium containing stones (terrazzo)


How to Use


1. Clean the surface using "ConfiAd® Stone Cleaner".

    The surface should be free of polymers, acrylate and wax layers.

2. Stir the product well before use.

3. Wet lightly the surface with clean water.

4. Spread the product on the surface.

5. Polish the surface using a polishing machine

    with nylon polishing pads (White or red).

    ※ For a floor, the machine with 140~180 RPM and

        88~110 lb (40~50kg) is recommended.

    ※ Optimal polishing results can be achieved with 800~1,500 grit.

    ※ For a small area, use hand polishers not exceeding 1,000 RPM.

    ※ Treat larger surfaces in segments of 107~161 ft2 (10~15m²).

6. Clean and neutralize the surface thoroughly using

    "ConfiAd® Neutral Cleaner".

    ※ Before applying to the entire surface, test on a small area.




▶ Storage temperature : 41~86 (5~30℃)
▶ Application temperature : 41~86 (5~30℃)



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