Granite Polishing Powder

MPP (marble Polishing Powder) is formulated for the professional user. MPP is a polishing powder based on oxalates and special additives.

Approx. 30~40m 2 /kg (146~195 ft 2 /lb.)
1, 5kg (2, 11 lb.)
5 years approx. in original packing, if stored in a cool place free from frost.

 Characteristics & Properties


▶ ConfiAd® GPP restores original luster of polished stone. The polish is renewed and the surface once again has a high gloss finish.

▶ Neutral, non-acidic.

▶ Simple and easy to apply.



 Method of Use


1. The surface to be treated must be clean and free of polymers, acrylates and wax layers. *Use ConfiAd® Stone Cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface.

2. Select an area to polish and wet lightly with clean water.

3. Spread a small quantity of ConfiAd® GPP on the surface and add a little water.

4. For touching up small surfaces or patches, it is possible to polish by hand. This will only lead to a lower level of gloss; It is preferable to use a polishing machine. On smaller surfaces we recommend hand-polisher with approx. 1000 rpm.

5. For floors, a one disc polishing machine with approx. 140 to 180 rpm.

6. Use a nylon polishing pad (white or red) or steel pad on dark granite for more polishing results.

7. Optimal polishing results can be achieved on surfaces with 1,500 to 3000 grit for granite(400 to 800 grit for marble)

8. Treat larger surfaces in area of max. 10 ~ 15m 2 (107 ~161 ft 2 ) and polish the selected surfaces until the slurry dries out and surfaces become shiny.

9. Finally, wash the treated surfaces thoroughly and after drying polish with a dry buffing pad (hog hair or wool pad)





▶ Storage temperature: Between 5 ℃ (41 ℉ ) and 30 ℃ (86 ℉ )

Must be applied to material at temperature between 5 ℃ (41 ℉ ) and 30 ℃ (86 ℉ )



Field of Use


▶ For touching up dull patches and for renewing worn off polishes on marble, travertine and other calcium containing stones as well as terrazzo.




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Granite Polishing Powder

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