Crystallizer - Granite

ConfiAd® Crystallizer granite is a crystallizing liquid product for siliceous floors, based on high quality silicate, synthetic resin and additives. It is a professional product which restores the sheen to worn surfaces, ideal to maintain polished granite and quartzite stone.


Technical Data Sheets

Approx.  50~100m2/L (537~1073 ft2/qt.)
12 bottles of 1L (1.05 qt.), 4L (1.06 gal)
2 years approx. in original packing, if stored in a cool place free from frost.


 Characteristics & Properties


▶ Quickly restores the natural sheen.
▶ Easy to use and maintain.
▶ Ideal for repolishing old, worn floor coverings.
▶ Structure strengthening, by the same material as granite.
▶ Reduce the absorption of dirt stain.
▶ Ready to use.


 Method of Use


1. Clean the stone surface thoroughly with ConfiAd® Stone
    Cleaner and allow to dry. The surface must be clean, dry and
    without any scratches and coatings.
2. Shake well before use.
3. Evenly apply 10~20ml/m2 with a manual pump spray. After
    that immediately polish to dry with a single-plate flooring
    machine fitted with nylon pad or steel wool pad. Only treat
    small areas of 2~3m2 at a time.
4. Repeat the process 3. once or twice, if necessary.
5. After polishing, any residual dust must be swept or vacuumed
6. The surface can be walked immediately after the treatment.
※ Testing a small inconspicuous are is recommended before
    main application to verify the effects.




▶  Storage temperature: Between 5℃ (41℉) and 30℃ (86℉)
    Must be applied to material at temperature between 5℃ (41℉) and 30℃ (86℉)


Field of Use


▶ Polished natural and artificial stone, especially granite and
    engineered stone, sandstone, marble, terrazzo, tiles, polished
    concrete floors.




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